CPUT 2024 Late Applications are now open for programmes with available spaces

By Victoria N · Nov 6, 2023
CPUT 2024 Late Applications are now open for programmes with available spaces picture

CPUT has opened its late applications for 2024 for courses that still have space. The applications for selected courses are open from 15 January 2024 until 19 November 2024. If you missed the deadline this is a second chance to apply at CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology).


Who can Apply for the CPUT late applications - 2024

The following prospective students can apply for CPUT late applications - 2024:

  • Returning CPUT students
  • CPUT students who have taken a gap in their studies 
  • CPUT students who wish to complete their phasing out programmes


Courses available for late applications at CPUT for 2024

Click HERE to access the list of courses that still have space for 2024 late applications at CPUT.



  • Only completed applications will be considered.
  • Only online applications will be accepted
  • Manual application submissions will not be considered
  • Postal Services (including courier services) will not be considered.
  • Residence department do not accept late applications.



Before applying at CPUT for late applications ensure that you download the CPUT prospectus to check minimum admission requirements of the courses you want to apply for. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to any programme offered by Cape Peninsula University of Technology.



  • Applicant certified ID copy
  • Applicant certified matric certificate
  • Applicant certified grade 11 report (if currently in matric)
  • Applicant academic record (If currently a student)


How to apply at CPUT for 2024 late applications

All applications to study at CPUT should be submitted online before 15 November 2023. To apply visit the CPUT website at: https://www.cput.ac.za/

Follow these simple steps to apply:

1. Accept the application rules and click "continue"

2. Capture your biographical information and click "next" to proceed with your application;

3. Capture your next of kin details 

4. Capture results details then add subjects and click "next";

5. Capture educational institution detail and click "next";

6. Capture academic application details (choose 2 choices/programmes you wish to apply for), click on "add qualification" and thereafter click "next";

7. Verify/Check your application details then click "continue";

8. Create your 5 digit PIN (e.g 24689), click "I accept"(twice) checkbox thereafter click "Submit Application";

9. Upload your documents, select "yes" on the dropdown list if all your documents are ready to be uploaded and then click "next";

10. Click "Load/View Document" >> "Upload document" >> "Choose/Browse file" go to the folder where your documents are stored, choose the relevant document and click "save";

11. Once all documents have been uploaded click "complete upload";

12. Confirmation Page, end of application






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