TUT 2024 late registration period is extended

By Karabo · Feb 26, 2024
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TUT 2024 late registration period is extended until Friday, 1 March 2024. First-year students should take note that registration beyond 23 February 2024 will depend on the availability of space. 


TUT 2024 Late Registrations 

Tshwane University of Technology urges first time entering and returning students who are not registered to make use of the late registration period extension to register for the 2024 academic year. After the 1st of March no registrations will be allowed as classes have already started.


Take note of the following before you register at TUT:

  • Know the fees of your study programme (Tuition)
  • If you are a first year, keep in mind that you need to pay the registration fee before you can register
  • Know finance rules (when to pay, when and how to get a refund etc..)
  • Be accountable and don't fall into debts


How to register at TUT for 2024 academic year

To register at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for the 2024 academic year, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the TUT website: www.tut.ac.za online.
  2. Click on "re-admission/online registration" tab
  3. Enter your student number and pin
  4. Click on the menu
  5. Click on Registration and read through the Memorandum of Agreement.
  6. Scroll down and click on Accept conditions.
  7. Verify your qualification name and select your employment status.
  8. Click Save and Continue, then proceed to Add Subjects to registration.
  9. Select your subjects and click Save and Proceed.
  10. Verify the selected subjects. If you need to change a subject, click Restart Process and start over.
  11. Finally, click on Accept Registration.
  12. The proof of registration will be displayed on the screen.
  13. Print the proof of registration.
  14. Complete the Examination Venue Selection Form on the TUT registration webpage.
  15. E-mail the proof of registration along with the completed venue selection form to the relevant e-mail address provided on the page.


How to pay TUT registration Fee

Students are required to pay a Minimum Amount of R1500 before they can register. This amount should be paid at least 72 hours before registration. Tshwane University of Technology offers several payment options for registration fees. These payment options are; direct deposits and electronic funds transfers (internet transfers)

If you choose to make a cash payment at the bank, write your full name and student number in clear block letters on the deposit slip. Please keep the deposit documentation in a safe place. If you choose the EFT method, you need to make the payment 72 hours before the registration period closes in order to reflect in TUT's account.

 EFTs made from banks outside South Africa may take longer. It is recommended that foreign students make payment at least 10 days before the registration deadline. Use your valid TUT student number as a reference. Please note that cash will not be accepted on campus for paying tuition, meals and residence fees.  Please make use of direct bank deposits, electronic bank transfers, and credit card payments.

NOTE: Visit the TUT website to get the accurate and valid account numbers to make your payment.



Tel: 086 110 2421
Email: [email protected]
SMS Number: 30655


Hurry up and register before the late registration window closes. Remember if you are struggling to register online you can always contact TUT to get assistance. Know someone who might find this information valuable? Share the post to them!

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