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By Victoria N · Jun 24, 2023
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University of South Africa (UNISA) requires applicants to pay application fee before application can be processed. The Unisa application fee is non-refundable. Paying the application fee is a crucial step towards completing your application and starting your journey with Unisa. In this blog post, I will explain how to pay the UNISA application fee, list the payment options available and answer the most popular questions about Unisa application fee.

How to pay Unisa Application Fee?

Before you can pay the application fee, you'll need to find out how much is the Unisa application fee for the application cycle year, this is important because Unisa application fee changes almost every year. So How much is the Unisa Application fee? The Unisa non-refundable application fee is R135.

How to pay Unisa application fee? To pay Unisa application fee you need to have a valid Unisa student number. The student number is the number you get after submitting your application highlighted with a red colour. You also need to select one payment option that is convenient for you. 

Where can I pay the Unisa application fee? Unisa offers various payment methods to cater to different preferences. You can pay the application fee via your local bank’s electronic fund transfer (EFT), credit/debit card, or cash deposit.


UNISA application fee payment options

1. Bank Deposit 

You can make cash and direct bank deposits at any First National Bank (FNB) and ABSA Bank branches.


Go to your nearest FNB or ABSA branch, fill in the deposit slip. Ensure that you fill out the deposit slip correctly to avoid issues. Follow the simple instructions below to pay the application fee:

Deposit to: Unisa Student Fees

Unisa Account Number: Unisa Student Fees

Deposit reference: first eight blocks are for the student number. However, if the student number consists of only seven digits, then a “0” must be inserted as the initial digit of the student number. Leave one block blank, then fill in the following code, 5370810030, for the application fee. for example 23232323 5370810030


Should any of the data on the bank deposit slip be incomplete or inaccurate, the transaction will not be approved by the bank or may delay the allocation or transfer of funds to your account. The University of South Africa cannot be held liable for delays incurred. Within two to ten business days, funds will be deposited into the account.

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (ETF)

Electronic Funds Transfer is another option available to pay your application fee at Unisa. For those who prefer EFT, you will need to initiate a transfer from your bank account to UNISA's designated account. Make sure to accurately enter UNISA's banking details, including the account number, branch code, and reference number. This reference number is crucial to link your payment to your application, so double-check that it is correct.


South African students using FNB should follow these steps to complete the transaction:

Bank name: First National Bank (FNB)

Account name: Unisa Students Deposits

Unisa Account Number: Choose Unisa on the list of pre-approved public beneficiaries

Reference: Student number, a space, 5370810030, for example 23232323 5370810030

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Please use the following details for your EFT if you are a South African student who is not banking with FNB:

Bank name: First National Bank (FNB)

Account name: Unisa Student Fees Account

Unisa Account Number: 627 9963 0382

Account type: Cheque

Branch code:210554

Reference: Student number, space, 5370810030, for example 23232323 5370810030


Electronic Funds Transfer simple Instructions: Go to any bank near you and deposit the Unisa application fee at the ATM OR go to your banking app and make a transfer from your account to the Unisa bank account. You will enter the Unisa account number: 627 9963 0382 and your reference. Ensure that the reference is correct. Here is an example of a reference: 23232323 5370810030. If you want to know how to pay Unisa application fee using the Capitec app click here.

How long does it take for the Unisa application fee to reflect? 

After making the payment, allow a reasonable amount of time for the application fee payment to reflect in UNISA's system. The payment will reflect within 2 to 10 working days depending on the payment method and the bank you used. Those who used EFT their application fee will reflect faster. If your payment does not reflect after 10 working days, you should contact UNISA and provide them with your proof of payment.

How do I know that I have paid the Unisa application fee? 

To know for sure that you have successfully paid the application fee, check your admission status on the Unisa website. If you have paid they will say and if you have not paid they will also say. 

How do I upload my application fee slip to Unisa?

The good news is that you don't have to upload your application fee slip or proof of payment. Unisa will automatically know that you have paid as long as you have used the correct reference that is; your student number space your application fee reference number (5370810030) for example 23232323 5370810030

Do you pay application fee if you already have a student number at Unisa?

At Unisa you only pay application fee once, what does this mean? It means that after getting your student number you should pay the application fee and if it happens that you do not get a space at Unisa for the respective year, you will then NOT be required to pay application fee for the next application cycle. If you initially applied at Unisa without paying the application fee, it indicates that you have an outstanding payment and you need to settle the application fee.


What happens if I don't pay my application fee at Unisa?

Sadly, if you do not pay the Unisa application fee your application will not be processed. You may be wondering what does that mean? It simply implies that you will not be considered for admission to study at Unisa even if you meet or exceeds the minimum requirements. Your application is deemed incomplete if you didn't pay the Unisa application fee.

When is the deadline for paying the Unisa application fee?

 The deadline for paying the application fee is the same as the closing date for applications. Ensure that you know the closing date before you pay the application fee also look out for application date extensions. You should pay the Unisa application fee as soon as possible because spaces get full fast. 


Can I still pay application fee at Unisa after closing date?

After the closing date of the application you will not be able to pay your application fee. The best practice is to pay your application fee immediately after submitting your application. This will increase your chances of being accepted that is if you meet the requirements for the courses you applied for.


By following the above mentioned instructions you should be able to pay your UNISA application fee without any hassle. Remember that paying the application fee does not guarantee admission to UNISA, as you still need to meet the admission requirements and compete with other applicants for limited spaces. 

You should always check your application status online or contact UNISA for any queries or updates. Remember to keep your proof of payment for future reference and double-check all the details to avoid any issues. We wish you all the best with your application and hope that you will join UNISA soon!

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