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TUT 2025 applications are now open. Prospective students can now submit their applications online from 01 March 2024 to 30 September 2024, applications submitted after this date will not be considered. In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply online at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for 2025 academic year. 

How to apply online at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for 2025

Before you start your online application process at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) , take note of the following:

  1. Make sure you have an email address. If you do not have one, you must create an email address first.

  An e-mail address can be оbtаіnеd frоm any оnе оf thе frее е-mаіl рrоvіdеrѕ, such аѕ www.hоtmаіl.соm оr       www.уаhоо.соm оr www.gmail.com.

     2. Calculate your APS. You are required to do this before the online application.


Tshwane University of Technology's (TUT) Required Documents:

Note that when applying online at Tshwane University of Technology for 2025  you need to upload the following visible documents:

  • certified copies of your identity document
  • Certified copy of your Senior Certificate/National Senior Certificate and all other relevant documents.
  • Certified Grade 11 report
  • proof of non-refundable application fee of R240

 You don’t have to fax any of these documents. Your documents should be scanned and uploaded online. The accepted document types/format are: (pdf,doc,docx,tiff,PNG,jpg, jpeg)

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) 2025 Prospectus:

It is important to download the University of Technology (TUT) prospectus to check minimum requirements before you begin with your online application. Do Not apply at TUT without downloading  the prospectus and checking the requirements. Click here to download the TUT 2025 prospectus.  

Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) online application Application Fee:

  • A non-refundable fее of R240 for аррlісаtіоn саn be dероѕіtеd bеfоrеhаnd аt ABSA BANK
  • In thе Reference соlumn, рlеаѕе fіll іn your іdеntіtу numbеr.

How to Apply Online at TUT for 2025

TUT students protest against historic debt - SABC News

To get started with your online application process at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for 2025 you need to visit the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) website at www.tut.ac.za 

Step 1:  accept the application rules and click "continue"

Step 2: Capture your biographical information and click "next" to proceed with your application;

Step 3: Capture results details then add subjects and click "next";


Step 4: Capture educational institution detail and click "next";

Step 5: Capture academic application details (choose 2 choices/programmes you wish to apply for), click on "add qualification" and thereafter click "next";

Step 6: Verify/Check your application details then click "continue";

Step 7: Create your 5 digit PIN (e.g 24689), click "I accept"(twice) checkbox thereafter click "Submit Application";


Step 8: Upload your documents, select "yes" on the dropdown list if all your documents are ready to be uploaded and then click "next";

Step 9: Click "Load/View Document" >> "Upload document" >> "Choose/Browse file" go to the folder where your documents are stored, choose the relevant document and click "save";

Step 10: Once all documents have been uploaded click "complete upload";

Step 11: Confirmation Page, end of application


TUT campus where you can enroll for these courses

How to Check University of Technology (TUT) Application Status for 2025

After your application to the university has been reviewed, TUT will notify you of the outcome of the application. You need to check the TUT status online for 2025 academic year. 

To check or track TUT Status 2025, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to www.tut.ac.za
  2. Click “Menu” at the top of the page
  3. Then, click on the “Apply Now” tab
  4. "Select yes when asked " Do you already have a student number?
  5. Click "HERE" to continue with your application.
  6. Enter your student number and pin then click on login
  7. Scroll down to view the status of the courses you have applied for



Does TUT want Grade 11 results?

Your grade 11 report is required when applying at TUT, especially if you are currently in grade 12. If you have completed your grade 12 and have a national senior certificate, you should upload your matric results under the grade 11 results tab but this applies to those who have lost their final grade 11 report.

What is the closing date and time for TUT application 2025?

Closing dates at TUT differ based on the type of the course you want to apply for.

Closing dates for applications are as follows: 

  • 15 May for courses that start in July of the same year
  • 15 June for Correctional Services Management, Dental Technology, Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics, Policing, Pharmacy and Radiography, Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management: Municipal and Traffic Policing
  • 15 June for all international applicants
  • 31 July for Agriculture: Animal Production, Agriculture: Commercial Mixed Farming, Agriculture: Crop Production, Agriculture: Development and Extension, Analytical Chemistry, Architecture: Professional, Dental Assisting, Biomedical Technology, Biokinetics, Biotechnology, Business Communication, Clinical Technology, Economic Management Analysis, Engineering: Civil, (B Tech's), Engineering: Chemical, Engineering: Metallurgical, Environmental Health, Fire Technology, Geology, International Communication, Journalism, Legal Assistance, Nature Conservation, Nursing, Officiating and Coaching Science, Project Management, Public Relations Management, Quality, Sport and Exercise Technology, Somatology, Three-Dimensional Design, Veterinary Technology.
  • 31 July for all qualifications at the Faculty of Arts and Design
  • 30 September for all other courses

How many choices can I apply for at TUT?

You can apply for up to 10 choices at TUT. However, your first and second choices should be courses you are REALLY interested in and that you meet the admission requirements for. For example if nursing is your passion, then do not put it on the 4th to 10th position. Rather put it on first position to stand a better chance of being admitted.

How long does it take for TUT to process documents?

It takes 21 days for your documents to be processed. In some cases your documents may be processed with 24 hours depending on certain factors such as the submission of correct documents, inclusion of all necessary documents and adherence to the correct file format.

If you have submitted all of the required documents and have not received a response from TUT after 21 days, you can contact the admissions office to follow up on the status of your application.

TUT Admission Office Contact Details:

Tel: 086 110 2421

Email: [email protected]

SMS Number: 30655


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