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By Victoria N · Jul 12, 2023
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If you have applied to study at Unisa, you might be asking yourself how to check your application status. Checking your UNISA application status is a crucial step, it keeps you informed about the progress of your application and allows you to take any necessary action quickly. In this blog post, I will explain the steps you need to follow to track your Unisa application status.

Unisa Application Status

Before we delve to the steps of checking your Unisa application status, it is important to understand what an application status is. An application status is a term that describes the progress of your application in the selection process. It can indicate whether your application has been received, reviewed, shortlisted, rejected, or accepted.

Knowing your application status can help you plan your next steps and manage your expectations. For example, if your application has been rejected, you can move on and apply in other institutions in South Africa. If your application has been accepted, you can prepare for the next stage of the process, such as accepting or declining the offer. 

How to Check your UNISA Application Status - 2024

To check your Unisa application status successfully you need to have your student number at hand, Easy right? Now let's break down the process on how to check Unisa application status for 2024.

STEP 1: visit the UNISA Website

Firstly, you have to visit the UNISA Website by typing UNISA on your browser. Then click on the Unisa website with the domain name; www.unisa.ac.za. Scroll down a bit and click on Apply. After clicking apply, click on First time Unisa applicant, if it is the first time applying and you don't have the Unisa student number or click on returning students, if you have applied before at Unisa and you do have the Unisa Student number. 

Then click on Step 4: Apply for admission then click on Apply now. 


After clicking on Apply now, you will be taken to the Unisa application tool. Scroll down and click on Status (track your application status).


Click here to check your application status (direct link)

STEP 2: Personal Information 

Fill in your personal details such as student number, names, surname, date of birth and ID number. When checking your application status with a phone ensure that you rotate your phone to be able to enter your student number.

STEP 3: Unisa Application Status 

Once you have completed your personal information, you will gain access to view your application status.



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Below, I will address some commonly asked questions that applicants have regarding checking their Unisa application status. By providing comprehensive answers, you will gain a better understanding of the process and be well-prepared to monitor your application progress effectively.

How Long Does it Take to Get a feedback from UNISA?

The response time from UNISA after submitting your application varies based on the volume of applications received and whether you meet the minimum requirements. Those who exceed the minimum requirements may receive feedback within 24 hours. 

Similarly, applicants for less commonly chosen courses like engineering might receive faster responses. However, those applying for courses with high demand, such as higher certificate programs, may wait longer to get a feedback. In general, it takes between 4 and 8 weeks for UNISA to process applications and send out replies.

Why is Unisa taking so long to process my application?

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here are a few possible reasons why Unisa is taking so long to process your application.

The number of applications: 

Unisa is a large university, and they receive a lot of applications every year, meaning that it can take some time for them to process all of the applications and make decisions.

Additional documents required: 

If you have applied for social work and diploma in grade R, you will need to submit additional documents such as testimonials, police clearance and proof of employment. Obtaining a police clearance may take up six weeks from the police station. Even after submitting your documents you have to wait a reasonable time for Unisa to process your application.

Limited number of Unisa staff

Unisa has a limited number of staff members who are responsible for processing applications. These staff members have to deal with a high volume of work, as well as technical issues, system errors, and human errors. Sometimes, applications get lost, misplaced, or delayed due to these factors.

 Unisa also has to comply with the regulations and policies of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), which may change from time to time. These changes may affect the admission criteria, the intake capacity, and the selection process of Unisa.

What can you do to speed up the process of your application? 

Here are some tips to help you track your application status and get a response from Unisa:

  • Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for your chosen course or qualification.
  • Submit your application as early as possible. Don't wait until the last minute or deadline. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting accepted.
  • Submit all the required documents with your application.
  • Apply for courses that receive less applications such as courses under engineering faculty.
  • Be patient and polite. Don't spam or harass Unisa staff members with calls or emails. They are doing their best to process your application as quickly as possible. Being rude or aggressive will not help your case.

How can I check my Unisa status without student number?

You cannot check your Unisa application status without student number. You need a student number to check your Unisa application status online. If you have lost your Unisa student number you can try recover it by calling Unisa contact centre at 0800 00 1870 or by checking the first email you received from Unisa after submitting your application. Alternatively, you can wait for the email from Unisa with your application status.

What do I do if my application status shows unsuccessful?
If your application status indicates "unsuccessful," it means your application for admission has not been approved. There may be various reasons for this outcome such as not meeting requirements, lack of space and missing documents

What if my application status shows successful?
Congratulations! If your application status displays "accepted," it means you have been accepted by Unisa for the 2024 academic year. The next steps will involve accepting the offer and following the enrolment procedures provided by the university. Click HERE, for a step by step guide on how to accept Unisa offer.

I Still Have Questions

If you have any further questions about UNISA application status, you can contact the UNISA through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 00 1870
Online: Unisa website


Tips for checking your UNISA application status:

  • Make sure that you have entered your personal information correctly when you are checking your application status.
  • Make sure that you enter your student number correctly
  • If you are checking your application status by mail, be sure to check your spam folder.
  • If you have not received a reply from UNISA after 8 weeks, contact the UNISA call centre.

By following the outlined steps you will be able to view your application status successfully. Throughout this process, it's essential to remain patient and proactive. Remember, UNISA is dedicated to providing quality education and supporting its students, so rest assured that you are in good hands. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a part of the UNISA community and achieving your academic aspirations!

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